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Strategic Marketing

We specialize in developing Strategic Marketing Plans that emphasize affordable, effective strategies with suggested timelines, frequencies, and measures against stated objectives.

With our Strategic Marketing Campaign, we will build out your business or practice’s identity, give you the tools to grow and maintain your customer base, and strengthen your standing in your community through a carefully planned and customized campaign.

This custom plan is developed specifically for you to reach your target audience in their environment. Each plan has specific tactics for reaching your target with sensitivity to your specific budget. This is not a “cookie cutter” plan; it is designed specifically for your business or practice.

Strategic Marketing Campaign includes:

  • Customized campaign that is tailored for your customers
  • Internal/external interviews as part of the development process
  • A profile of and message strategy for your customers
  • Clearly-defined objectives and measures for success
  • A positioning strategy and defined campaign approach
  • A campaign budget
  • A calendar with frequencies and a step-by-step implementation plan for your staff to follow