Interview with Pat McDaniel: Founder of Wise Insights

Interview with Pat McDaniel: Founder of Wise Insights

derek-champagneWe recently spoke with Pat McDaniel, the founder of, a website dedicated to helping motivated (but weary) people to keep moving forward by finding the smartest path toward their success.

Offering a unique blend of science, insight, inspiration and humor, Pat has seen his social media following explode (1,771% in Sept/Oct 2016). Pat is passionate about sharing his story of repeatedly hitting a wall despite his hard work until he discovered the unseen forces that were holding him back.

Pat has a highly diverse background. He has been a long-time student (made it through the 19th grade), a CPA, a pastor and church planter,a sales manager, a search engine marketing strategist at a marketing agency, an entrepreneur, and an author of the E-Book: 5 Step Process to Making Better, More Successful Decisions.

Pat has a quick wit in an interview environment. He also has a distinct talent for helping entrepreneurs and leaders avoid unnecessary heartache, including making better decisions for a better life. With that, his current research project is on decision-making: helping folks understand how to overcome the hidden influences that can lead to bad outcomes.

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