Interview with Cash Keahey, Global Leader-Architect & President of LeaderType™

Interview with Cash Keahey, Global Leader-Architect & President of LeaderType™

derek-champagneCASH KEAHEY is a global leader-architect with a natural gift for engaging audiences, facilitating learning and coaching leaders to greater effectiveness. He earned a bachelor’s in marketing as well as his MBA from the University of Houston. A 23-year professional career inside global Fortune 500s in diverse functions and industries exposed Cash to different corporate cultures with different styles of leadership. Through these experiences, Keahey realized the symbiotic relationship between leadership and culture: that leaders create a culture around them, but in order to succeed, must lead in a culture that values their uniqueness.

Over the past 18 years Cash has facilitated leadership workshops in 20 countries on six continents, including The Elements of Leadership™ workshop to help leaders visualize and better implement the fundamentals of leading.

Since being qualified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) in 1999, he has deepened his knowledge of Jungian psychology to become a leader in the type community. From Jung’s theory of psychological types, Cash developed eight LeaderType™ profiles. Cash’s predominant LeaderTypes are Proactive, Persuasive and Inclusive.

Learn more about Cash’s new book, “Eight LeaderTypes in the White House: Discover and Leverage Your Oval Office Leadership Style,” at

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